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Class 5's Trip to Slimbridge - 5th July 2017

On Wednesday 5th July we went on our school trip to Slimbridge Wetland Centre.  Here we saw an entire range of birds some with large bills to the tiny goslings.  We were given a bag of seed to feed the birds.  Some birds were even brave enough to eat from our hands.


At Slimbridge we also had a talk about the differences between birds and ourselves.  We did 5 activities which helped us get ideas to put down onto a sheet of paper to talk to the lady about.  There was also a part called Welly Boot Land.  Where we went in shallow streams.  It was so much fun when our feet met the water as the park was scorching.


By Honor Fraser

Picture 1 Honor feeding the birds
Picture 2 The whole class having fun in Welly Boot Land

Slimbridge Class Trip Recount


On Wednesday 5th July we went on a class trip to Slimbridge. I’m sure I’m not the only one when I say that I had loads of fun! The day was very eventful and everything we did was interesting

When we got there we were introduced to our guide who we would meet up with later to have a talk. She was called Melissa and told us how to feed the ducks, and we were soon waiting for someone to bring us stuff to feed the ducks. To pass the time, we were all given a pack of seed. As a class, we wondered round the lakes, stopping to feed the ducks as we went. Most people threw the seed for ducks, but some (including me) fed the ducks from hand. We were advised not to feed the swans from hand, but many threw seed for them. We saw birds such as ducks, moorhens, swans and even flamingos!

Soon, most had used up their bird seed and we had reached a play park. We stopped there for a bit and most people played manhunt, but we had to leave otherwise we would be late for our talk. On our way back we went through the tropical room, which was even hotter than outside! In the room were oversized fish and a type of duck which swam to the bottom of the lake to get food. As it turned out, we had to wait a bit for Melissa to come out because she had a fly in her eye, but she was out as quick as she could. She explained what we would be doing, and we were quickly off to a little hut.

In the hut were six buckets, each with a different activity to do in them. The favourite activities were the two with the decapitated birds, one bucket with their heads, and the other with wings. At the top of the hut, where the bars met, there was a pigeon in her nest, and we were told that she was on her second clutch of eggs this year!

After the six activities, we went back to the boxes to collect our lunches, which we took to the play park to eat. When you had finished you were allowed to play in the park, and Lara, Bea and I made sandcastles to crushJ!

When everyone had finished, we went as a class to Welly Boot Land. It was full of toddlers, but we all had fun and some got soaking! The roundabout was really hot because it was made of metal so we were all trying to stay on without jumping off because of the heat!

Next, we packed up all of our things, walked back to the reception and dried our clothes (or changed into different clothes) to get ready for the coach trip back to school.

Overall, I had loads of fun throughout the day, and my highlight was being able to feed the ducks from my hand! I’m sure that everyone else had fun and it was really interesting, I learnt loads!

By Abby Dundas

Picture 1 The class at the reception
Picture 2 The class feeding ducks
Picture 3 Abby (left) and Elsa (right) feeding ducks


For our school trip we went to Slimbridge to find out all about birds and animals.  It was so cool and we went to Welly Boot Land we were playing in the water because we were all boiling and lots of people brought spare clothes so that we could swim.


While we were there lots of birds were biting us while we were feeding them but it was quite funny.  Melissa our instructor was giving us a tour around the place we also played lots of educational games, quizzes and lots more.


My favourite animal there was definitely the fat pigeon that I kept on feeding it was a legend but it ate most of my bag of food that Melissa gave us all.


Out of all the six activities at the hut my favourite of them was the stuffed bird heads.  After that we all had lunch at a different park, mine was so nice, at the park we all played a massive game of manhunt and climbed trees.


In Welly Boot Land Daisy and I were rebels and were putting loads of water on the slide to make it into a water slide, we went down it so quickly and it was so slippy!


By Elsa Rumsey

Picture 1
Healthy Living Week - 27-31 March 2017

As part of Healthy Living week, Class 5 had an enjoyable visit to Waitrose where they were able to spend time in the store and make pizzas! They also thought about relaxation through yoga and made delicious smoothies in class.

World Book Day - 3rd March 2017

Class 5 pupils dressed up in bright Spanish colours for International Language day on 17th January.


The children took part in Spanish lessons learning lots of new vocabulary and counting to ten.


One of our highlights of the day was the selection of Tapas food we tried. Tortilla, olives, Manchego cheese, chorizo and paella were available to be tasted by everyone. The teachers were impressed with the children’s willingness to try these new tastes and experiences. We had a great day!



Gloucester Rugby - 19th November 2016

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Children in Need 2016

Great fun and lots of money raised on our 'Spotacular' Pudsey Day for Children in Need!!

Medieval Museum

In our topic we have been learning about Edward the confessor and the Normans. As our English homework we were asked to make something to go in a museum.  It was to be handed in on Monday after half term.  Wednesday was the day we were to show our projects we had worked on during half term. Only the juniors came to see our museum. It was a success.

By Honor.E.L.Fraser



Here are some Photos of Year 5's Medieval Museum