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Residential Trip to Llanwrtyd Wells in Wales - June 2017

Residential Trip to Llanwrtyd  Wells in Wales - June 2017 1

Healthy Living Week - March 2017 During healthy living week Class 6 looked at how they could sustain a healthy lifestyle as they grow up. The class started looking at mindfulness activities with Miss Johnson and they have continued with these throughout the term. Class 6 learnt how to cook roasted stuffed peppers (see photos below) and are thoroughly looking forward to their visit to Waitrose at the end of May.

During the Spring term in music lessons Class 6 have been working hard to learn and then perform the soundtrack to The Fresh Prince.

How many of Class 6 would fit in a cube with a volume of 1 m³? More than they thought....

How many of Class 6 would fit in a cube with a volume of 1 m³? More than they thought.... 1

Hindu Temple Visit - September 2016

Hindu Temple Visit


Today (Friday 30th September) Class 6 went to the Hindu temple because we have been learning about it in RE. The Hindu temple was on Swindon Road.


As we went in we were told to take off our shoes and socks because it shows respect. We went upstairs and all I saw was a lot of people praying to the gods. Some people were ringing bells, clapping and others were singing. There were lots of bright colours, decorative lights and different kinds of flowers all around the room.


Later in the ceremony some people started playing instruments like the maraca and all the other people were sitting on the floor praying in a singing way. They were all singing/praying the same words in a sequence. It sounded amazing! As they were praying and singing we were writing down what things we could see, smell and hear but all I am going to say is that there was a lot of noise!


After that Jim let us go and look around for things and there were some wonderful patterns and decorations. There was also a lot of statues of gods. It was time to go and they kindly gave us a chocolate which was so nice! All together the trip was amazing and I recommend it to anyone.


Katherine and Sam 

Wild Life Summit


On 28th September this year, four year 6 pupils, Matthew Chestney, Lili Maddison, Evie Weller and Alex Youngs were lucky enough to attend Gloucestershire Wildlife Wonder Summit held at the Museum in the Park in Stroud.  They took part in Eco workshops and had the opportunity to take wildlife photos in the park. Below is the poem they wrote together about their experiences and the photos they took.  In addition to this, they were able to see their photos, along with others from other schools, in an amazing Art Exhibition.  Our Pictures are now displayed in the Multi Media suite.  




1. Twisting path,

Wonderful plants,

Impressive images,

All around.


2. Children’s pictures,

Skilfully shot,

Creatures captured,

As if we were there.


3. Treasuring trees,

Bird song surroundings,

Blue king was heard,

But seen by few.


4. Reflective rivers,

Diving ducks,

Freedom of photography,

Expressing our love of nature.


Picture 1