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Summer Term 2017

Year 3 visited the Science Festival on 7th June, we had an interactive session with a paleontologist. He told us all about fossils and how they are formed. Then we got to look at fossils of dinosaurs, plants and even poo!

Spring Term 2017

In Science, we have been learning about the functions of the skeleton. We learned the names of bones and drew around each other and labelled the bones on our life-sized diagrams.

Class 3 have read The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane by C. M. Millen. We learned about how he made inks out of natural materials. We then made our own natural dyes using beetroot, red cabbage and turmeric. We dyed some cloth and wrote a set of instructions to say how we did it.

Class 3 have been writing instructions. We write some instructions for forming letters and asked Red Class to join us so we could see if our instructions were good or not.

In art we have been portraying relationships. We have looked at pictures of relationships and discussed how the people in them may know each other. We then created our own still image of a relationship using photography.

Class 3 have learned about light and shadow. We learned about light sources, how light travels and how shadows are formed. We made shadow puppets and performed some shadow puppet theatre using our knowledge of how shadows are made.

International Language Day - 17th January 2017


Class 3 learnt about Brazil


During the day the children used iPads to research facts about the country and the design of the flag.


We learnt that Brazil is the only country in South America to speak Portuguese.  We spent time learning how to greet   people and recite numbers.


We had great fun designing and making a carnival mask, we also tried some very tasty and not so tasty food.


In the spring term Class 3 have learned about music from around the world including China. We learned some Chinese pentatonic scales and then composed our own using chime bars.

Autumn Term 2016

The children have learned about magnets. We learned about magnetic poles and about attracting and repelling. The children used their knowledge to make games using magnets.

Class 3 have been using Scratch to create animations through coding sprites. Here the children are fixing 'bugs' in codes to make sure that they work properly.

Class 3 made a project about the Romans during the autumn half term. We created a Roman museum and the other classes came to see what we had made.