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Sports Premium Statement

What is the ‘Sports Premium’?


In April 2013 the Government announced new funding of £150 million for Physical Education (PE) and Sport – often referred to as a ‘Sport Premium’. This funding is to be used to improve the quality and breadth of PE and Sport provision.


When asked about the 'Sport Premium' at its launch, Lord Coe reflected: ‘When I stood up in Singapore in 2005, I spoke of London's vision to connect young people with the inspirational power of the Games so they are inspired to choose sport. By focussing on primary schools, we have the opportunity to use sport and physical activity to shape the daily lives of young people. I know from my own experience what an impact teachers and their engagement can have on the lives of young people.’ (Lord Coe) 




Use of Sport’s Premium September 2016 – July 2017


We will receive funding for this year of £8,910. Projected costings may vary due to the availability of coaches and changing needs of certain year groups.


This year we are focusing on: 

- Offering additional clubs to each year group, over the year we will give increased opportunity for children to participate in the sports and offer a wider variety of sports through the SSN.  


- We will take part in more competitions across a larger number of sports, giving more children the opportunity to experience competition in sports. 


Purchase of a whole school curriculum will ensure that there is continuity of teaching and coverage, allowing teachers to develop the children's skills to a greater depth than previously




Action Plan item


Action Impact of Action

Including Sustainability)

Next Steps 

Costing (to

nearest £10.)

1. Provide greater extra-curricular sporting opportunities for all pupils.


A wider variety of clubs will be offered to inspire our children to undertake before, during and after school sport; more pupils will be participate in competitive and non-competitive physical activity.






2. Improve the teaching of Physical Education and the learning experience for all pupils.


Teaching staff will be given further opportunities to undertake P.E training.  The aim is to improve the quality of teaching in order to make lessons more inclusive and to increase pupil progress.













3. Cover costs for external sports activities (including competitions, festivals, network days etc)






4. More opportunities for teaching staff to be trained on specialist or alternative sports.


INSET training days.





5. Sports Kits






6. Project Touchline       £1,000

                                       Total for projected costs: