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Use of Sport’s Premium September 2015 – July 2016


We received funding for this year of £8,906.


This year we are focusing on: 

- Offering additional clubs to each year group, over the year we will give increased opportunity for children to participate in the sports and offer a wider variety of sports through the SSN.  


- We will take part in more competitions across a larger number of sports, giving more children the opportunity to experience competition in sports. 


- Purchase of a whole school curriculum will ensure that there is continuity of teaching and coverage, allowing teachers to develop the children's skills to a greater depth than previously


Action Plan item


 Impact of Action (Including Sustainability)

  Next Steps



nearest £10)

1. Provide greater extra-curricular sporting opportunities for all pupils.

To offer a wider variety of sports clubs to inspire our pupils to undertake before, during and after school.

We have offered a wider selection of clubs to each year group over the year, including:

  • Cheerleading – Yr 1,2, & 3
  • Alternative Sports – Yr 3, 4, 5 & 6
  • Mini-Athletics – Yr R, 1 & 2
  • Athletics – Yr 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Cricket – Yr 3, 4, 5 & 6

These clubs allowed more pupils to be more active during the day, and introduced them to new sports activities we hope they will continue to take part in and enjoy.

To continue to offer 2 clubs per term, across the years groups.


To monitor which clubs are popular, and which year groups are taking up the places offered to them.


To explore new sports/clubs that can be offered in the future.



2.Improve the teaching of Physical Education and the learning experience for all pupils.


Staff will be given further opportunities to undertake P.E training to improve the quality of teaching.

Pupils enjoyed the different activities and styles of delivery and were much more active during the sessions.


Staff agreed to invest in the Lancashire PE Scheme as a resource to roll out wider learning opportunities across the school.

To run training provisions for staff on delivering the Lancashire PE Scheme.



3. Improve the P.E equipment that the pupils have access to in order to improve specific skills in a range of sporting areas.

PE Lead to consult with specialist colleagues concerning the acquisition of new equipment to improve the PE curriculum.


Acquire new and dispose of old, surplus to requirements equipment.


More pupils were engaged actively during PE lessons.


Activities were better differentiated to match pupils' skills and abilities.

Explore the range of equipment available to enable us to deliver a wider-range of sports including ‘alternative sports’.


4.Entry to cluster and local area competitions & sports events.

Register for Cheltenham & North Tewkesbury School Sports Network events such as Newlands Tag Rugby; Girls' Football; Hockey; Athletics; and Cricket.


Join the SSN (June 2016).

Pupils enjoyed their participation in sessions with pupils of a similar age in other schools and have asked to attend these events again.

Explore the expansion of provision of sports offered and the possibilities of increasing the number of competitions and sports events attended.


5. More opportunities for teaching staff to be trained on specialist or alternative sports.


PE Lead to organise INSET sessions for staff.

Staff are more able to teach the skills needed for sports they were previously less familiar with.


Staff are more able to deliver sports activities to pupils with SEND.

Investigate possibilities for developing staff skills in a wider range of sports.


                                                          Total costs: