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ARCHIVE 2017/18

Dear Parents,       18th July 2018 
Following last week’s fantastic performances of 
I’d like to thank all who supported our KS2 pupils over the three performance days. I’m sure you join me in thanking all their teaching and teaching assistant staff for the care, time and energy they committed to ensuring the production’s success. Correspondingly, we would like to thank very much all those who contributed to that success by assisting with the wonderful array of colourful costumes and accessories. Many thanks too to all who responded to our retiring collections so generously. A magnificent total of £118.16 was collected and, as usual, this will be used to support future school productions. 
End of Term 
As you know, our Open Afternoon is on Thursday this week and Sports Day is on Friday (Monday is our reserve day). We look forward to welcoming you to school for these occasions. The term – indeed the year – ends on Tuesday next week and, as usual, Class 6 will be leading our final assembly at 09.15. With the reminder that next term begins for children on Tuesday, 4th September, all my colleagues join me in thanking you for all your help and support through the year and in wishing you all the best over the summer holiday. 
Yours sincerely, 
   Gareth Davies Head Teacher

Dear Parents,                                                                    19th June 2018


Many Thanks (again)!


With just two weeks gone of this final half-term, my colleagues and I extend our thanks to you for all your support across a range of activities and events. These include our visits to the Science Festival, the Y6 Leavers’ Service in Gloucester Cathedral, the Tombola mufti day, the Summer Concert (retiring collection: £101.75) and the PTA Summer Fair (preliminary figure raised: £3,700!).


Group Photos


As you know, group photos were taken today and we expect to receive the proofs soon. Catherine Richardson will let you know when they arrive and provide details for viewing and ordering.


Class arrangements: 2018-19


With new appointments to the teaching staff during each of the last two years, some other (pre)planned changes to class arrangements were deferred. For next year, therefore, the arrangements are as follows:


YR               Mrs Prescott

Y1                Miss Carter

Y2                Mrs Bedwell/Mrs Riegler

Y3                Mrs Davis/Mrs Mason

Y4                Mr Staley

Y5                Miss Greenwood

Y6                Mr Hayden


Arts Week


Next week we are all looking forward to our Arts Week. This note is to let you know that there will be an opportunity for you to view the children’s artwork on Monday, 2nd July between 15.15 and 16.15. 

Yours sincerely,


D G Davies

Head Teacher

Dear Parents,                                                                                   20th April 2018


Welcome back to the first half of this Summer Term – I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter break.

Attached to this letter is a list of (most of) the key dates/events for this term (which is also available on the school website). In many cases, as you will see, further details will be necessary and they will follow in due course.




All are welcome to school to join these meetings which are all on Tuesdays on the following dates: 24th April; 8th & 22nd May; 5th & 19thJune; and 3rd & 17th July. All begin at 09.00and will last for about 15-20 minutes. If you would like to know more or have any prayer requests, please contact Beanie Farrimond at


Please note the during the first week in May:




Thursday 4th May (for use as a Polling Station);

Friday 5th May (School INSET Day); and

Monday 7th May (Bank Holiday).





Please find attached a list of dates for this term. Where further details are needed, these will be sent in due course. There will be a Summer Music Concert held in Holy Apostles’ Church – we are in the process of arranging a date.


Yours sincerely,

D G Davies






Saturday                     28th                  PTA Treasure Hunt                




Thursday                   3rd                    Local Elections – School closed (pupils)

Friday                         4th                   Inset day – School closed (pupils)

Monday                      7th                   Bank Holiday – School closed

Thursday                    10th                  Life Education Bus

Friday                         11th                  Life Education Bu

Wb                              14th                  SATs – KS2

Wednesday                23rd                  Meeting for new (2018) Reception parents - 4pm

Wednesday                23rd                  Governors’ Meeting 7pm

Friday                          25th                 Class 3 Assembly – 9.15am


Half term: 28th May – 1st June



Wb                               4th                 Science Week

Friday                         8th                  Mufti Day (PTA Tombola)

Saturday                     9th                  PTA Summer Fair 2 – 5pm

Wb                               11th               Y6 Residential Visit to Craven Arms

Wb                               11th               Year 1 Phonics Check Period

Tuesday                      19th                Group photographs

Wb                               25th – 29th     Arts Week




Monday                       2nd                   Parents’ viewing from Arts Week from 3.15pm

Tuesday                      3rd                    Governors’ Meeting 7pm

Wednesday                 11th                  KS2 Play – 6pm

Thursday                     12th                  KS2 Play – 6pm

Friday                          13th                  PTA Lido Event

Thursday                      19th                 Pupils’ School Reports to Parents

Thursday                     19th                  Open afternoon 3.30 – 5.30pm

Friday                           20th                 Sports Day (reserve Monday 23rd)

Tuesday                       24th                 Class 6 Leavers’ Assembly – 9.15am



End of term

Dear Parents,   

                                                       26th March 2018
Many Thanks!

Thank you so much for all your help and co-operation this term – for Parents’
Evenings; World Book Day; Sponsored Read; Healthy Living Week; and
sponsored Mud Run for Sport Relief – they are appreciated very much.
Sponsored Read

Congratulations and very many thanks for the magnificent sum of £613.15
so far collected. As usual, this money will be used specifically for buying
books for our School Library.

Sport Relief: Mud Run

On Friday last week, six out of our seven classes took part in a mud run on
the school field in support of Sport Relief. Class 4 were at Waitrose at this
time and so will be catching up with their Mud Run this afternoon. (Apologies
for adding to your washing load!) My colleagues in the school office would
appreciate receiving any outstanding sponsor money by Wednesday this week
in order to complete the administration before the end of term. Thank you.

Class 5 Assembly

On Thursday morning – our last day of term - Class 5 will be leading our
assembly at 09.15 and you are warmly invited to join us for this and for
coffee and cakes afterwards.

My colleagues join me in wishing you all the best over the Easter break.

Yours sincerely,
D G Davies
Head Teacher

Dear Parents,                                                                       1st March 2018



WEATHER (contd)!



At the time of writing – 14.45 – the kitchen at Oakwood school is ‘not likely’ to be open tomorrow. Therefore, rather than risk what could be a lot of last minute uncertainty, would you please send your child/ren with a packed lunch to school tomorrow. The kitchen expects to be open on Monday but, because of uncertainties surrounding deliveries, the hot meal option on Monday will be Fish & Chips, not the burger option. The other menu options remain as they are now.


For tomorrow, as things stand, Holy Apostles’ School remains open. However, we will close early at 13.30 as all after school clubs – including the Pavilion After School Club – have been already cancelled. Obviously, Storm Emma has yet to arrive! If its effects require changes to these arrangements, I shall of course let you know.


In summary:


  1. Holy Apostles’ School is open tomorrow;
  2. Children will need a packed lunch for tomorrow;
  3. School will close tomorrow at 13.30;
  4. All after school clubs tomorrow have been cancelled;
  5. Hot school meal option for Monday (5/3) is Fish & Chips.


Yours sincerely,

D G Davies

Head Teacher

Dear Parents,                                                                       26th February 2018





As we face a very cold period ahead, please make sure your child/ren wear a warm coat to school; coats on at break times will be a requirement. For the next few days or so – before 09.00 – there will be no point in children staying outside in freezing temperatures and so we shall be bringing them in to school as we did today and as we do on very wet days.


May I also clarify that the school remains open during cold/snowy/icy weather. There are, mainly, only two reasons why I would close, or partially close, the school. One would be as a result of a systemic failure such as loss of heating/water supply; and the other would be if members of staff were unable to travel safely to school. Obviously, this second reason would be a judgement I would have to make according to the circumstances on the day. As usual, updates will be posted on our school website and the County Council’s daily list of closed schools at



Parents’ Evenings


Thank you to all who have already booked appointments for next week’s Parents’ Evenings. If you have yet to fix an appointment, please do so during this week. Thank you.


Yours sincerely,

D G Davies


10th January 2018



Dear Parents,


I hope you all managed to have a good Christmas/New Year break and, as we begin the new term, wish you and your children a very Happy New Year.




Many thanks indeed for your generous support for last term’s PTA Christmas Fair. With just about all expenses now paid, the actual income to the PTA was a magnificent £3,192! The first PTA meeting of 2018 will be held shortly after which further updates on PTA activities will be sent to you.


Thank you too for your generous support at our Carol Service. A total of £221.28 was collected and has been sent to The Children’s Society – for which they are extremely grateful.




The School Prayer Group has arranged the following meeting times for this half term:


January 16th & 30th; February 27th; and March 13th & 27th


All are welcome to attend at 09.00 for about 20 minutes here in school. Additionally, requests for prayer can be left in the school Prayer Box in the main entrance. For any further information you may require, please contact Beanie Farrimond on .




You will all know that Mrs St John-Green retired from school at the end of last term. She was both delighted and grateful for the Garden Vouchers we presented to her during her last day at Holy Apostles’.


We are currently in the process of recruiting a new colleague to join our office staff and I shall write to you again when the new appointment has been made.









Dates for this term (so far)




Wednesday, 24th          Governors’ meeting 7pm

Tuesday, 30th               PTA meeting 6.30pm



Friday, 9th                    Class 2 Assembly 9.15am


Half term:                   Monday 12th – Friday 16th



                                    Thursday, 1st               World Book Day

Tuesday, 6th                 Parents’ Evening 4 – 7.30pm

Wednesday, 7th             Parents’ Evening 4 – 7.30pm

Friday, 9th                     Red Class Assembly

13th – 16th                    Race Week

                    19th – 23rd                    Healthy Living Week

Tuesday, 20th               Governors’ meeting 7pm

Tuesday, 27th               International Languages Day

Thursday, 29th              Class 5 Assembly 9.15am


End of term


Summer term begins on MONDAY, April 16th.


Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list and, as further arrangements unfold during the term, details will be sent to you accordingly.


Yours sincerely,



Gareth Davies





Dear Parents,                                                                        11th December 2017


Thank you


Just a quick note to thank you all for your co-operation today – we ended up with 93% pupil attendance from 10.00 this morning which is pretty good going in the circumstances. I’m also grateful to my colleagues – all of whom turned up and so enabled the (almost) normal school day to proceed. (Apologies if some of your children are ‘a bit damp’ when they arrive home but we did have a great time out on the field!)


Packed Lunches


May I ask that you all send your children in tomorrow with a packed lunch? We are indebted to Holy Trinity school for supplying us today with the small number of meals we needed; however, this is not a viable alternative to our usual provision from Oakwood. Obviously, when Oakwood is back to normal, our school dinners can resume and we’ll keep you posted about that.


Carol Service


As things stand, we are going ahead with both our practice in Holy Apostles’ Church tomorrow afternoon and Carol Service at 7pm in the evening (please refer to my last letter – 6/12/17). To avoid the icy pathway from school to church, I have decided to hire coaches to take us all to the church for the afternoon practice. Please remember to pick up your child/ren from the church at 3.15pm. If anything else needs to change I shall let you know tomorrow morning.


In the meantime, thank you again – we shall open as usual at 09.00 tomorrow (unless otherwise advised on the school/county website).


Yours sincerely,


D G Davies


Dear Parents,                                                            6th December 2017

THANK YOU for 2017!

For many reasons – including last week’s fantastic PTA Christmas Fair, last
term’s equally fantastic Summer Fair as well as many additional fund-raisers
and school trips/activities – we are most grateful to you and thank you very

As ever, particular thanks go to the PTA Committee who continue to work so
creatively and tirelessly to ensure yet another successful year.

Children in Need

As you know, during our ‘Spotacular’ day last month we raised £300 for
Children in Need. Again, we are very grateful for your help in supporting this
very worthy cause.

Curriculum Newsletter

Issue 9 (already) of our additional curricular activities is ‘under construction’
and will be sent to you during next week.

End of term next week (+2 days)

Tuesday (12th) We will be practising for our Carol Service in Holy Apostles’
                       Church during the afternoon so please remember to collect
                       your child/ren from Holy Apostles’ Church on Tuesday at
(Children attending After School Club will be escorted
                       back to school.)
                       Please feel welcome to join us for our Carol Service on
                       Tuesday at 7pm
in church which will last for about half an hour.
                       The children have been asked to wear school uniform; not to
                       be in church before 6.40pm; and, on arrival, to find their teacher
                       who will show them where to sit. Additional information for

                       parents of pupils in Class 1 from Miss Greenwood has already
                       been sent and further information will be sent later this week to
                       provide final details about their Nativity performances.

Wednesday (13th) During the afternoon, as you know, we shall be going to
                       the pantomime Sleeping Beauty at the Roses Theatre,
                       Tewkesbury. Please remember that we return to
                       school between 4.15 and 4.30pm on this day.
                       details are in my letter of 14/11/17 which can be seen on
                       the school’s website Notice Board.)

Monday (18th)  Christmas Party Day!!! Child/ren may attend in their
                       party clothes. School lunches/packed lunches will
                       operate as usual.

Tuesday (19th) last day of term – you are most welcome to join us for our
                       final assembly at 09.15, led by Class 1, and for coffee &
                       mince pies afterwards. (Please do not bring pushchairs
                       into the school hall.)


With the reminder that next term begins on Monday, January 8th, my
colleagues join me in wishing you all the best during the Christmas period and
a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Yours sincerely,
D G Davies

Dear Parents,                                                        22nd November 2017


As indicated last week, I have received our final SIAMS report and it is now
available on our school website.

I’m sure you will agree with me that our report makes very good reading and
reflects well our standing as a Church of England school and our corporate
approach to delivering the best we can for all our pupils

As is always the case, there are areas for us to address and to improve; these
are noted on the front page. They are points that we had already identified
and the inspection itself was a helpful step in supporting our plans for

Thank you once again.

Yours sincerely,
D G Davies

Dear Parents,                                                          20th November 2017





As you may well have picked up already, Tracy St John-Green has decided to retire from her role as school Administration Secretary at the end of this term. I’m sure you join with my colleagues and me in wishing her all the very best for the years ahead.


Tracy joined the school 18 years ago and has provided sterling service during that time. She will be a very hard act to follow and my colleagues in the school office and I are working now to make arrangements for recruitment.


Of course, we shall be marking Tracy’s retirement with a gift as a token of our appreciation for all that she has done for us. If you would like to contribute to this, please send any contributions in to the school office (ideally on a Monday when she is not in school) marked for the attention of either Rob Saunders or Catherine Richardson.




Thank you all very much for your support for last Friday’s ‘Spotty Day’ for Children in Need. We collected a magnificent £300 in total and this has been sent off today for this very worthy cause.



Yours sincerely,





D G Davies



14th November 2017


Dear Parents




I can now write with further details of our visit to the pantomime on Wednesday, December 13th

We shall take everyone to and from the theatre by coach, leaving in plenty of time for curtain up at 1.30pm.  This means we will have an earlier start to lunchtime at 11.30am.


 Please note the following important points:


  • School uniform is to be worn for this visit


  • In order to keep baggage to an absolute minimum; if your child is having a packed lunch please send it in a disposable bag – not a lunch box.


  • The performance (including the interval) will end at about 3.45pm, so we should be back at school by 4.20 – 4.30pm.


  • Please note that there will be up to four coaches transporting us to and from the theatre.  On our return, the main gate access to the school will need to be clear together with the yellow zig zag area - and beyond- on the nearside going up Battledown Approach.


  • Please do not give your child/dren money to buy sweets! Again, because of the PTA, we are able to provide everyone with an ice cream during the interval.  If this arrangement causes you any difficulty at all, please advise us in the school office.



All that remains is for me to ask for your permission and a voluntary contribution for the cost of the ticket and transport to the theatre.  As we have been able to book the seats well in advance the theatre have given us a very good price, so your voluntary contribution will be £12.00 per child.


Please can you complete the permission slip attached and return it to the school office either with your contribution or online payment (via Parent Pay) no later than Monday November 27th.


Yours sincerely





Mr D G Davies









I give / do not  give* permission for my child………………………………………………..Class….


to go to the pantomime on Wednesday December 13th 2017


* I enclose a voluntary contribution £12.00


* I have made a voluntary contribution via Parent Pay


(cheques made payable to Holy Apostles Primary School)


Signed …………………………………………………………………………………parent/guardian


*please delete as appropriate

Dear Parents,                                                          13th November 2017





Thank you to all who supported us before and during our SIAMS inspection on Friday last week. The day itself was predictably busy with no fewer than twelve meetings of various sorts to organise between 08.00 and 15.00 as Dr Duncan Jones conducted a very thorough inspection of our provision for RE and Collective Worship. However, the day went well and, as you might expect, our pupils ‘stole the show’ as they responded exceptionally well to all that was asked of them.


I expect to receive a draft copy of our report sometime this week to check for factual accuracy and then should receive the final report during next week. Once I have it, I shall let you know and it will be available on our website.


Thank you once again.


Yours sincerely,





D G Davies


Dear Parents,                                                                           6th November 2017


This is just a short note to inform you that I was notified on Friday last week
that our Statutory Inspection of Anglican & Methodist Schools will take place
on Friday this week, 6th November.

This inspection, covering the areas of RE, Collective Worship, Church School
Distinctiveness and Leadership & Management comes just over five years
after our last one in September 2012. Our inspector is Dr Duncan Jones who
currently works in the Education Department of Worcester Diocese.
While a detailed timetable will be agreed with Dr Jones during this week, it
may well be that he takes the opportunities around drop off and pick up times
to ask some of you for your views of Holy Apostles’ School – as a Church

With Parents’ Evenings already arranged for this week, you can see that my
colleagues will be busier than usual in the next few days. Please, if you have
an opportunity to do so, encourage them as much as you can - a cheery smile
will work wonders!

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
D G Davies

Dear Parents,                                                                       1st November 2017



Appointments for Parents’ Evenings


Many thanks to all who have booked so far and have given some feedback on the new system. Overall, it appears that the on-line system is working well and eases the process of securing appointments. With a week to go, I am aware that a small number of appointments have yet to be made. If you have any difficulties with the appointment times, please see the teachers concerned to arrange a mutually convenient alternative time.




We now have poppies available in school – and suggest a minimum of 50p per poppy.


Yours sincerely,




D G Davies


Dear Parents,                                                                       19th October 2017


As we approach the end of this first half-term of the year, here are some news items mostly for your information.


Harvest Festival


Thank you all very much indeed for your most generous support for our Harvest Festival service last week. Thanks too to those who managed to join us in Holy Apostles’ Church for the service during which Rev’d Rod Paterson explained that all our gifts will be given to support our local Food Banks.


Appointments for Parents’ Evenings


Following Rob Saunders’ letter to you last week, please remember that the new on-line system is now live. Many thanks to all who have booked so far.


Clerk to the Governors


We currently have a vacancy for the post of Clerk to the Governors. If you are interested to know more about this post, or know someone else who would, please contact Mrs Chris Brooker (Chair of Governors) on 01242 526858 or .


Class 4 Assembly


Class 4 will lead our end of half-term assembly tomorrow at 09.15. You are most welcome to join us then and for coffee and cakes afterwards.


Yours sincerely,


D G Davies



Dear Parents,                                                                       9th October 2017



Harvest Festival



As you know, our school Harvest Thanksgiving takes place on Friday this week (13/10) in Holy Apostles’ Church. Please bring your child/ren direct to the church where we shall meet them from 08.40 onwards. You are most welcome to join us for this service which will be led by Revd Rod Paterson. Please note that the service itself will begin at 09.00 and last no more than half an hour. Pupils and staff will then walk back to school. If you are able to assist Mrs Prescott and Mrs Herbert in walking Red Class back to school, please let them know – they will appreciate it very much.


We have asked the children to bring their Harvest gifts with them to the church on Friday morning. All our gifts will join those of Holy Apostles’ Church in supporting the lonely, needy and homeless in the local community.


Again this year we will be sending the harvest gifts to the Cheltenham Foodbank from where the food will be distributed to those in need. Items that are particularly needed include: fruit juice, tinned fruit, tinned cold meats, tinned vegetables, tinned rice pudding, long life milk, shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste, washing up liquid, dried pasta, packets of biscuits and treats (crisps, chocolate).


Thank you in advance for your generosity and we look forward to welcoming you to our Harvest service on Friday.


Yours sincerely,




D G Davies


Dear Parents,                                                                   12th September 2017


Welcome to 2017 – 2018 at Holy Apostles’ School


Welcome to you all as we begin the new school year here at Holy Apostles’. If you are new to the school, we extend a special “hello” to you and trust that you and your child/ren will enjoy your time with us. My colleagues and I wish you all well in the terms ahead.

I’m sure you join me also in extending a warm welcome to Miss Hannah Carter – our new teacher for Class 3 – who, after just one week, is settling in very well as a member of our staff team.




As usual this term, there are several things about which you will need information. Already class teachers have written an introductory letter to you and you have received a letter from Mrs Prescott advising you of this term’s After School Club Programme which begins next week. A list of dates/events – so far – for this term is attached to this letter. Most of the more general, whole-school matters will come directly from me on average about twice per half-term while my colleagues will address other, more specific issues. Additionally, they will be posted and then archived on the school website.




This is just an early notice for your diaries that this year’s PTA AGM is on Tuesday, 3rd October at 7pm. A separate letter from me will follow with further details.


School Prayer Group


The School Prayer Group has arranged the following meeting times for this half term:


12th & 26th September;                10th October;

7th & 21st November;                  5th & 19th December.


All are welcome to attend – in each case – at 09.00 for about 20 minutes. If you would like to know more or have any prayer requests, please contact Beanie Farrimond at . Additionally, requests for prayer can be left in the Prayer Request box in the school entrance.




I am pleased to be able to say that we have been able to book seats this year for the Roses Theatre’s production of Sleeping Beauty on the last Wednesday afternoon of the term i.e. on 13th December at 13.30. As usual, further details of arrangements will be sent in due course.




SIAMS stands for Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools and it’s exactly five years ago today that we had our last inspection as a Church School! This means that I expect to be advised of our next inspection date very shortly. The appointed Inspector will visit us for one day and examine our distinctiveness and effectiveness as a Church of England School. Additionally, our provision for Collective Worship and Religious Education will be observed and a judgement made on how effective they are. Of course, I shall let you know more details when I have them.



Yours sincerely,





D G Davies



Dates for Autumn Term 2017




Tuesday        12th                       Governors’ first meeting 7.00pm

Monday        18th                       Y2 swimming begins




Tuesday        3rd                        Portrait photographs*      

Tuesday        3rd                        PTA AGM 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start*

Fri – Fri        6th -13th                  Literature Festival*

Wednesday   11th                       Governors’ meeting 7.00pm

Friday           13th                       Harvest Festival – Holy Apostles’ Church 9am*

Friday                    20th                       Class 4 Assembly 9.15am


                                                Half term


Monday, 23rd October – Friday, 27th October: Half term

(School reopens on Monday, 30th October)





Wednesday        8th                    Parents’ Evening 4 – 5.30; 6 – 7.30pm *

Thursday           9th                    Parents’ Evening 4 – 5.30; 6 – 7.30pm *




Friday             1st                       PTA Christmas Fair*

Tuesday          5th                       Governors’ meeting 7.00pm

Tuesday        12th                       Carol Service 7pm in Holy Apostles’ Church*

Wednesday   13th                       Pantomime – Roses Theatre*

Monday        18th                       Party Day

Tuesday        19th                       Class 1 Assembly 9.15am

                                                End of term



*    Details of these arrangements to follow



As other dates/meetings/events are arranged, we shall keep you informed