Holy Apostles' C of E Primary School

Learn Well; Live Well!

School Council

2020 – 2021

 Our school has had a School Council since 1st September 2004. It is made up of a boy and a girl from each class so we have 14 members altogether. It is up to each class to decide who its representatives are and for how long they can be on the School Council. We also have Mr. Staley our Head Teacher and Mr. Smith our Deputy Head Teacher at our meetings and they help us with the things we want to do. We usually meet on Wednesdays at 12.30 every two weeks.


Over a long time, the School Council has done a lot of things. For example, in 2007, the Council agreed a Charter for Friendship and has reviewed it at the beginning of every year since. In 2011, the Council members worked with the PTA to choose the equipment for our big Trim Trail and welcomed Olympic Medallist Leon Taylor to come to school to try it out! Last year, the Council again worked with the PTA to provide a smaller Trim Trail for the infants. The Council has also decided on which names to call our Houses - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - after the four Gospel writers and spent a lot of time choosing the best Values to have for our school. 


Last year we replaced our outside stage with a new one because the old one was rotten and breaking up. We also had a Holy Apostles' Has Got Talent show right at the end of the term. Everyone taking part paid 50p and the money collected went to the winners as a prize. All the teachers were the judges and they awarded first prize to Rosie, second prize to Lottie and third prize to Sacha.


At the beginning of this new school year, we had our first meeting on Wednesday, 16th September and all classes have now chosen new representatives. You can see the new Council members below. This term, wwill be looking for our own examples of our Values - particularly Equality during this term - and then bringing them to our Values Assembly on Monday mornings.