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Shakespeare's Macbeth - May 2018

Shakespeare's Macbeth - May 2018 1 60 second play scripts re-enacted by the Children
Shakespeare's Macbeth - May 2018 2

Medieval Day - 29th November 2017

On 29th November class 5 had an amazing day!  It was Medieval Day and everyone came in all dressed like people in the medieval times.  There were: knights, princesses, archers, kings and queens and even a jester.  After assembly we went back to our classroom and Mrs Davis explained each activity we were going to do, then we got into a seat and started the activities.  They were:  dot paints, illuminated letters, place mat making, glass painting and designing crests.  They were all fun activities I enjoyed them all.  What I was most excited about though was the banquet!  All playtime I thought about the banquet and what foods there would be.  After lunch Mrs Davis came out and we all took our seats and the banquet began.  Mrs Jones came around with drinks which was grape juice. Then 4 by 4 we went up and chose a plate of food.  It was delicious there was so much food like: cold meat, grapes, cheese, bread and much more.   After the banquet we packed away ready for French.  We had an amazing day on Medieval day, I wish it could start all over again.     


By Darcey Hacker  


When we got back Mrs Davis showed everyone what to do at each station. First I did calligraphy, I was really paranoid that if I got any of the black ink on my shirt my Mum would kill me!  I  wrote my name down on a piece of card and then got it laminated and I now use it as a bookmark.


After that I started my glass painting, I was painting a champagne glass for my Mum. When I finished painting it I stuck some jewels on with a glue gun and then moved on to the paint dotting.


After lunch break, we had a massive banquet, because we missed our normal lunch. Everybody had brought in something to share.


By Alex Williams