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Class 5 are currently in the middle of a 10 week block of Ukulele lessons. We have been learning different notes and have recently moved on to learning some chords. We will be learning a song that we will be hoping to perform at the end of our block of lessons.  Keep an eye out for information on our performance! 

The Battle of Hastings

Our History topic this term is 'Edward the Confessor and the Stormin' Normans'. We have discussed the 'Battle of Hastings', looked at the Bayeux Tapestry to better understand the events that took place and had a go at acting out the Battle of Hastings through a game. Half of the class acted as the Anglo Saxons, while the other half acted as the Normans. 

The Solar System

In Science, Class 5 have been looking at 'The Solar System'. We had a go at making a model of the solar system so that both the sizes of the planets and their distances from each other and from the sun were all to scale. We used toilet roll and a range of spherical objects. We had a table of data to help decide how to make the model. Each piece of toilet paper was a particular distance.